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About Me

I’m Martha Horler, a seasoned data and compliance expert with extensive experience in the higher education sector. Through my freelance work, I offer a range of services including data analysis, consulting, and workshops for educational institutions. Outside of my professional pursuits, I’m an avid collector of retro gaming consoles and enjoy exploring the history and evolution of gaming. Combining my passion for data and gaming, I share my unique insights and experiences through engaging blog posts, showcasing my multifaceted interests and expertise.

Professional History

I am an accomplished Higher Education professional with a strong background in the sector. I have a BSc in Computing from Manchester Metropolitan University and a PGDip in Business Intelligence Systems and Data Mining from De Montfort University. In my various roles, I have demonstrated my expertise in data management, data analysis, and systems development.

I feel it is important to be actively engaged in the higher education sector, and I am currently holding positions as the Deputy Treasurer and AP representative for the Student Records Office Conference (SROC) committee, and have been awarded a Fellowship of the Association of University Administrators (AUA). I have been a regular contributor to external blogs and websites such as WonkHE, SROC, AUA, and Capita, and have presented at various AUA and SROC events on topics like data visualization, data fluency, and external networking.

Throughout my career, I have held several positions at Manchester Metropolitan University, including Client and Programme Manager, Senior Data Management Officer, and Enrolment and Induction Manager. In these roles, I worked on projects to improve data quality, data management, and business processes, and developed relationships with external clients to increase the number and value of productive collaborations. I am currently the Head of Registry Services and Business Intelligence at Futureworks, working on areas including student records systems development, data returns, marketing, timetables, Boards of Examiners and data analysis.


As an enthusiast of technology, I’ve always been intrigued by its rapid evolution and its profound ability to transform various aspects of our lives. The pace at which technology has advanced is truly awe-inspiring; it’s thrilling to see the innovative ways in which it continues to unfold. What excites me the most is witnessing its application in areas such as higher education, generative AI, and systems development. These are domains where technology can truly shine, driving efficiencies, enhancing learning experiences, and fostering creativity and innovation.

In the realm of higher education, technology has been a game-changer, opening up new learning pathways and creating more inclusive environments. The advent of online learning platforms, interactive digital textbooks, and virtual classrooms has democratized access to education, allowing learners from across the globe to tap into knowledge from the world’s best institutions. In the field of AI, generative models like GPT-4 are creating new possibilities, from writing assistance to content creation, and even simulating human-like conversations. They are redefining how we interact with machines and shaping our future digital experiences. Lastly, in systems development, the rise of agile methodologies, cloud computing, and DevOps practices have revolutionized the way we build and deploy software, making it more responsive, scalable, and efficient. As I continue my journey in the tech world, I eagerly look forward to what the future holds and how these technologies will continue to evolve and reshape our world.


Retro Gamer

I’ve always been fascinated by the world of data and technology. During the lockdown, I found myself drawn to the realm of retro gaming consoles and games. Not only did they pique my interest and love for classic gaming, but they also presented an opportunity for investment. As I ventured deeper into this exciting world, I discovered both the advantages and challenges of collecting retro consoles. Here I will go into more detail on my collection, how I maintain it, and some interesting facts about them.