Martha Horler

My name is Martha Horler, and I specialise in data within the Higher Education sector. I have worked in Universities and HE providers for over 15 years, building up my knowledge of processes, systems and policy. Many of my roles in the sector have revolved around managing data, analysing it to solve problems, and creating new processes to support teams in a number of different areas. In particular I have built up expertise in MS Access database development, Excel data analysis and data quality management. You can see my full CV and all my articles on this website.

I set up the Data Goddess in order to offer consultancy services in:

  • Writing on data topics
  • Data Analysis in Excel and PowerBI (in particular using Higher Education data)
  • Microsoft Access Database development
  • Systems Design
  • Data quality management
  • Data Strategy development

Examples of recent projects include:

Data Strategy

Developing a data strategy has become an important task for organisations, as it can help to focus efforts on how data can and should be used to make the most effective use of it for the business. I have experience in writing a Data Strategy for a higher education provider and used this to train others in how to approach this at a SROC conference.

Data Fluency

In order to make the most of our organisational data, cultural changes need to happen to ensure staff have the skills to work with it effectively. Data literacy is no longer enough, a culture of data fluency is now needed. I have worked on data fluency in two of my roles, written articles for clients and presented on the subject at an AUA conference.

Contact Me

Email me on or on Twitter @thedatagoddess. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn. Please get in touch if you want to discuss a project or an article.