AUA Conference #AUA2017


I love conferences. Getting away from the office for a few days, talking to people about common problems, and learning new stuff. Also gala dinners are awesome.

This year will be my fourth AUA main conference, and the second at which I was presenting a session. I confess, I love presenting. It’s great to spend time talking about something I am passionate about, and engaging with people who are (hopefully) just as interested in it as I am.

This year’s theme of transformation was relevant to my data fluency session – which is about how to transform your organisation and make your staff better at dealing with and understanding data concepts. I think the session went well, and I got a lot of interesting ideas about how to embed data literacy into higher education institutions.

Key highlights for me from this year’s conference were:

  • How to use social media for the local AUA network – work out what your message is, the technology is just the enabler
  • Student rep talking about how¬†University allowed her to prove that a woman is not limited to the role of a housewife
  • Our regional network coming away with two trophies at the awards
  • Being video interviewed for a piece on twitter – my three top tips for data fluency (shame it was cut short)

I will definitely be going again next year, and when they announce the next theme I will try and come up with another session proposal.

Hopefully see you there!